Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hollywood Baby!!

Hello Friends,

It has been a very long time since I have posted.  I have been kind of busy lately.  A month ago I welcomed my little bundle of joy.  He is truly perfect!  I know I am biased because he is mine but I don't care.  Hahaha!  He looks just like his big brother.

Ok enough on me gushing about my little ones because you mommy's out there know we can do that all day.  There are two reasons I am posting today the first one is to tell you how excited I am to have Angie come back to first grade.  I soooo missed her last year when she went to second grade so now to have her back and having her classroom right next to mine is amazing!  Yay!!!

On that note I had to move classrooms so that I could be teaching next to Angie.  So there I was nine months pregnant packing up my classroom.  On the very last day of school I was waddling back and forth to my new classroom moving my stuff.  If it wasn't for Angie and her extremely large coffee drink I wouldn't have been able to move everything.  She moved all of my big stuff because my big belly would not allow it.  Our last day was on a Thursday and my due date was that Saturday so I was really waddling around.  Ha!!!

The other reason I am writing today is to tell you that I am changing themes.  Since I had to pack up all of my stuff anyway I thought it was the perfect time to change themes because I was kind of tired of the Beach theme.  So now I am changing to a Hollywood Theme.  I have seen so many blogs out there with this theme and I loooove it.   Especially the Hollywood Glam look.  I wanted a lot of sparkle, different colors, and boas in my room.  So I have been really busy and wanted to share some things I have uploaded to TPT and a little freebie.

Last year I used a BEACH Binder and I loved it.  So I knew that I wanted a new binder to go with my new theme and here it is.  You can get it on our TPT if you would like to use in your classroom.

                                                                   STAR BOOK


Continuing with the theme I needed a new word wall.  I couldn't find one I liked so I decided to make one.  It is 65 pages and has the ABC headers and sight words.  It also has the bulletin board title "Hollyword"  in two fonts.  You can pick it up at our TPT by clicking on the link.


As I was doing my word wall I figured my Alphabet line needed a little makeover.  I wanted a Hollywood look but I didn't want it so in your face.  I wanted a little glitz and glamour while still keeping the simplicity and usefulness of an alphabet line.  Go and check it out on TPT but here is a sneak peek.


Thank you for sticking through this really long post but to show my appreciation here is a little freebie to use in your classroom.  

Well friends I hope you head on over to our TPT.  I am having so much fun making all these Hollywood items there will be more to come.  As soon as I get my room a little settled I will post pics of my new room.


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