Saturday, February 2, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football.... I mean a Sale!

Hello Friends!

I don't know about you but I could really care less about football.  I really only watch for the commercials.  I know football enthusiast hate to hear that but I just don't understand the game.  I am excited for this sale going on though.  Have you heard!!!  A bunch of stores are having a sale on Sunday and some are even extending it onto Monday.

Our store will be on sale on SUNDAY and MONDAY so that you can take advantage of the sale because I know some of you will be hosting Super Bowl parties so I don't want you to miss out.  Just click on the link below to take you over to our store. Thank you so much Ashley Hughes for the button.

Here are some of the items you might want to check out while you are there.  Just click on any of the pics to head on over:

       junie b. Mushy Gushy Valentimes      February Writing Journal Prompts    Literacy Circles for Primary Grades    Science Rock Unit     Polka Dot Reading Chunk Posters   B&W Editable HERO Book/Binder (Helping Everyone Remain Organized)

 Hollywood Beanie Babies Strategies White     Polka Dot Beanie Decoding/Comprehension Strategies Posters     Hispanic Heritage Mini-Unit       Animal Research Fact Organizers          

Here is our newest unit just in time for Valentimes Day (in the words of Junie B.)  My students have been loving this book.  Junie B. is always a big hit with my first graders but I felt like I wanted to do more than just read whole group.  With this unit students can do a character analysis.  They can complete comprehension questions after each chapter.  These questions are meaningful and also provide them with a place to draw and be creative while still focusing on the chapter they just read. My students are loving these questions and I am loving them because they short but meaningful so it can be done independently and quickly.  There is also a page to compare themselves to the main character.  The vocabulary page is also really helpful for my students and they love spotting the words in the book.  We have not finished reading the book but once we finish the book I cannot wait to complete the Junie B. craft.  I gave my students a sneak peak and told them they would be writing a valentine card from Junie B. to another character in the book and they are very excited.  After every chapter they change the person they want to deliver their valentine too.  I guess it depends which character was nice or stood out in the chapter.  Got to love First Graders!  Hope you enjoy this unit as much as I am.  Just click on any pic and head on over to our store.








PHEW!!!!  This was a jam packed blog post.  Thank you so much for sticking through it.  Hope you enjoy your weekend.


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