Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are still alive!

Hello everyone!
Sorry its been so long but most of you know how hectic this time of the year has been and if you teach in Las Vegas you know how crazy this year has been with all of the changes being made to our standards and gradebooks that don't align and all kinds of craziness.
I wont get into that because that is a whole different post. (YES, I know that was a very long sentence but as frustrated as I am about things going on I will not fix it. Ha!)

I would also like to announce that I am now 4 months pregnant so posting and having morning sickness or more like all day sickness was not happening. I am finally over the sickness and starting to enjoy.

Well enough excuses and sorry this post has nothing to do with teaching but I am on vacation and so my brain has checked out of school mode. Ha! I have so many things to share with you about school since I haven't posted in like forever.

So Anywho! This year I got an elf on the shelf for my son thanks to so many of you posting about it. My son has loved it. Everyday he wakes up and cant wait to look for him. He named his elf Jack. Jack has gotten into all kind of mischief at home. He decorated our tree with my sons underwear. He made rice angels, he tp'd my sons room, he drew a funny face on his picture, and my son has gotten a kick out of all of them. Check out some of the pictures!

Well as Christmas is fast approaching my son has really started asking questions about where Jack will go and how much he will miss him. I was really stumped on what to do since this is my first year doing this tradition so I went to my trusty site PINTEREST for some ideas. I found this really cute letter that the elf leaves the night before he goes away. I thought it would be perfect for my son. Hope you can all use it as well. Just click on the picture and get your copy.
I hope you guys have a great Christmas and an even better New Year. Thank you so much for being faithful followers. My New Year resolution is to make more time to post.


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