Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Week and Class Pics

Hello Everyone!

This week was our first week of school and let me tell you it was exhausting!!!  This is my third year teaching first grade and every year I forget that at the beginning first graders are not independent at all.  My son is still not sleeping through the night so let me tell you being exhausted from that and being at school all week, it was no surprise why I crashed on the couch on Friday.  Ha!

Before school starts I still get so excited.  I am the type that lays out her clothes the night before and I can't sleep because I am too worked for the beginning of the year.  Angie and I were so excited Monday morning that we decided to take a pic to show you guys.  This is in Angie's room in front of her Boggle board.
Well the kiddos are coming along and getting use to being in school the whole day instead of just half day.  In Las Vegas Kindergarten is not mandatory( I know its a big shocker to me still) so most of the kiddos I got were half day.  Procedures are starting to get established but let me tell you I wish we could skip this part sometimes.  I know how important it is to establish your procedures, rules, and expectations at the beginning but I am craving a routine already.

Well enough on this and let me show you my classroom.  I am kind of in love with it.  LOL!  Sorry for the quality of the pics but they were taken on my Iphone.

This is the view from my door.  My table signs are the different streets in Hollywood.  So I have a Rodeo group, Sunset group, Vine Group, and Hollywood Group.  Yes it does look like a lot of desks.  I have 23 students this year and 14 of them are boys!  
This is the front of my room.  The papers under my boards are for my student work.  My frame for the 1st day of First Grade is ready on my board.  The other side is where I have my schedule cards and my calendar.  It seems a little bare but we do calendar on the smartboad so no need for the clutter.  I know they are hard to see but I made those hollywood schedule cards if you are interested click here.
This is the Celebrity Of The Week board.  On the Walk of Fame side I will have the students sign a star after their week has ended.  I took this idea from Cara Carroll but she had the kiddos paint their hands on a star which I loved but I didn't have as much wall space so we are consolidating her idea.  
This is my Birthday Board.  It says A Celebrity is Born and it has all the months.  It is empty right now because I am taking the students pics to go on their month.  This is part of my calendar kit and if you are interested just click on the pic.  

As I mentioned above I ran out of wall space.  So to compensate for that I use the front of my wardrobes.  The one on the left displays my clip chart which I got as a freebie from Cara Carroll.  If you are interested click here.  The other door displays my rules which I made with a little Hollywood flare.  The right wardrobe will display our Parent Praises.  This is a different shaped cut out that the parents write to their students.

This is my small group reading area.  Those are my Hollywood Beanie Babies that I made.  If you are interested click on the pic.  I wish my table could stay that clean the whole year. 

Well that was my room.  I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  I will leave you with a little Pinterest project I made.  

I am kind of obsessed with zebra stripes.  

Have a great three day weekend!


  1. I am so excited to find your blog! I also have a hollywood/popcorn themed room. I love your pics! I have some pics on my blog too! Im your newest follower!
    Flying Into First Grade

    1. Just went and checked out your blog. I LOVE it! I am now your newest follower.