Monday, August 1, 2011

Pinterest/ School update

Ok so I have read everyone's post about Pinterest and decided to start an account. I have found a new obsession, not that I needed another one =)
I love how easy it is to be able to keep everything in one place. If you have not gone on Pinterest you have to check it out. You can follow me by clicking on the little red button.

After looking at all the cute DIY items all of you are making I decided to try my luck and make one. I decided on those seats out of crates. It was my first project all by myself and I think they came out pretty cute. (That is my son in the picture laying on my treadmill waiting for me to go play in the pool with him.)
As for school I am getting really anxious as the beginning of the year is fast approaching. I spent most of the morning in my classroom trying to get things done but with a 3 year old running around their is only so much you can do. My classroom is coming along so I will post more pictures soon.


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