Friday, July 22, 2011

A Camping We Will Go!!!

I know its the beginning but as I have been blog stalking I noticed that a lot of people were doing a camp theme in their classroom. So I wanted to share our camp activities we did with our class last year. We did "Camp Learned-A-Lot" at the end of the year last year. It was so much fun!!! We set up tents in our classroom and made fire pits out of butcher paper and some big roll my husband brought from work. It was a week long camp and we did everything you would do at camp. Including friendship bracelets, singing camp songs, making popsicle stick frames, and even eating s'mores. I realize that we did our camp unit at the end of the year but I do not see why you could use it if you had a camp themed room. I have just uploaded the entire unit on TPT so go check it out. (I am in the process of setting up a teacher notebook account so you can find our products there too but for now just use TPT.)

Camp Unit

You wouldn't think I would give our lovely followers a freebie! What! I love freebies so here you go friends. Just click on the picture.


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