Saturday, July 9, 2011

Updated Beach Book

Hello everyone its Cindy,
As I was looking at my Beach Binder the other day I was a little bored by it.  I mean the graphics were really cute but I needed it to pop.  After talking to Angie I decided to add some Hawaiian print borders.  I also changed some of the binder index and added a behavior calendar to keep my parents posted on student behavior.  Last year I would send notes home but sometimes I wasn't even sure if they made it home.  This way they will all be kept in the binder and the students will be responsible for coloring in their circles at the end of the day as we are cleaning up.  I have also added a page to put in the ABC's of 1st grade or whatever grade you teach.  Hope you like my new change because I am really happy with it.  Go check it out on TPT just click on the link below.

                                                                           Beach Binder 2


  1. hello!! Your blog is adorable! Are you an author on TBA? If so, you should be able to make a new post on the blog, just like you would here. You'd see TBA on your dashboard, under your blog. I hope this helps!! :)

  2. Hey Girls! I started a blog too! So glad I found ya!


    Camp Kindergarten

  3. Just found your blog and became a follower. I am doing a STAR Binder this year. So glad I found your blog!!